Fly Fishing on the Falkland Islands
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Falkland Islands Fly.Fishing

Against all expectations, on the Falkland Islands, you don’t go fishing around the small coastal islands, only on East Falkland or West Falkland – and there in bays with a sufficient inflow of fresh water, the more the better, or in the rivers.

Paradoxically, no deep-sea fishing has been established on the Falklands. The Falkland Islander enjoys an abundance of excellent meat, so there is no need to be dependent on the „catch of the day“ to bring to the dinner table. Plus: The roaring sea close to Antarctica is not really an inviting place for merry afternoon sport fishing.
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Where to fish

The Falkland Islands are an archipelago with less rainfall than tourists would expect.
Not only is there a constant danger of steppe fires breaking out, but also the water level in the rivers is often very low.
The entire Falkland Islands are covered by immense peat regions.
As a result, many rivers - and even coastal regions - are coloured in a deep brown, making it difficult to estimate the depth or to identify pools. So the angler should have the ability to actually "read" the water.
After a longer dry spell, sea trouts naturally spend more time in the coastal regions and wait for a possible ascent in autumn. They change their colour to match the water colour in the bays or the future spawning water.
These bays are very good fishing spots for fishing during high tide levels.
If enough precipitation sets in, the fish will move up into their spawning waters. Sometimes they make this „decision“ very quickly…

These are the best fishing spots on the Falklands, divided in rivers and tidal areas - a detailed description can be seen on the pages Fishing on East Falkland and West Falkland.

Fishing in rivers

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East Falkland:
Pedro River
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East Falkland:
Swan Inlet*
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East Falkland:
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East Falkland:
San Carlos River
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East Falkland:
Bodie Creek
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West Falkland:
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West Falkland:
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West Falkland:
Herbert Stream

Fishing in the tidal area

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East Falkland:
The Murrell
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East Falkland:
The Frying Pan
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East Falkland:
San Carlos Bay
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East Falkland:
Port Sussex Bay
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East Falkland:
Pedro River Bay
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East Falkland:
Swan Inlet Bay*
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West Falkland:
Byron Sound
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West Falkland:
Many Branch
The waters marked with an asterisk * are only mentioned for the sake of completeness. They are not as rich in fish and other waters would be preferable. The Malo River on East Falkland is not mentioned in our descriptions as it is not accessible to non-members.

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