Fly Fishing on the Falkland Islands
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Falkland Islands Fly.Fishing

The name of the river is a tribute to the only land mammal on the Falkland Islands, the Warrah, a fox-like animal that, according to recent studies, settled on the islands long before the first settlers arrived. It fed mainly on birds eggs and penguins and was so tame that it got curiously too close to humans. In 1876 the last animal was shot on West Falkland.
The Warrah River is one of the top waters on the Falklands. Its reputation amongst Falkland Island Anglers is comparable to the Dee or Spey among Scottish Anglers.
So it can be placed at the top of the ranking.
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The Warrah and its tributary Green Hill Stream

Fishing permit can be obtained at Port Howard Lodge.
If you are a guest at the beautiful Port Howard Lodge, the Warrah is fairly close to you. The river winds itself as a neat stream between the green heights parallel to West Falkland Road until it then considerably widens in the north and flows into the Keppel Sound in front of River Island. Also noteworthy is its beautiful tributary, the Green Hill Stream. You shouldn't miss this on your fishing trip. You get to the Warrah when you leave the West Falkland Road and drive cross country with your off-road car. Caution: As always on the Falkland Islands, it is not advisable to just "follow your nose“, but to seek support from the locals. Thus our guide Peter took us effortlessly to the Freezer Pool, so we were able to get started without further ado. What is my conclusion regarding the Warrah? Some claim that there are fewer but larger fish in the Warrah than in the Chartres.
I say with emphasis:

Larger: Yes, indeed!
Less: Oh God, no!

It was a real pleasure to fish the Warrah. You can wade along the bank very safely and comfortably and fish the opposite bank with great elegance and precision. A switch or a light double-hand rod is very helpful here. That way you can cast long distance with an underhand technique instead of casting overhead. We caught very well and Eddie is still mourning over the gigantic sea trout monster his fly ALMOST took.
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The Green Hill Stream (pictures below) and the Warrah are very good to fish in combination. The Green Hill Stream can easily be reached by an off-road vehicle and you can have a try if there are fish to go for. If you have the feeling that the Warrah has more promising experiences to offer, you can easily get to the junction of the Green Hill Stream and the Warrah by car if you just follow the river. This is how we almost lost Eddie. He just wanted to take a few steps. We lost sight of him on Green Hill and rediscovered him on Warrah.
The junction is a highly energetic corner. And the Warrah's best pools are right behind: the Long Pool and Stone Run Pool (both can be accessed separately).
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