Fly Fishing on the Falkland Islands
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Falkland Islands Fly.Fishing

Every sport fisherman is recommended to follow the Stanley Town anglers when staying in East Falkland and, so to speak, drive “in their cloud of dust” along the country road to the popular Pedro.
This doesn't mean intimate fishing, but it does mean a lot of fish - which the locals also appreciate.
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For the Pedro River (above the road) a fishing permit must be obtained from the landowners. Fishing is permitted for everyone below the road in the tidal area.
Sport fishing on the Pedro is certainly the "second" most popular fishing spot for all good anglers in the Falkland Islands - after the legendary "Sound" on West Falkland.
Some even say it is the best fishing spot on the Isles.
The waters can be easily reached by car from Stanely in about 60 minutes and the journey includes a wonderful sightseeing tour through all of East Falkland's scenic attractions.
The Pedro River serves as an important spawning ground for sea trout - including really large specimens of over 10 pounds.
The fishing rights were recently put up for sale and the new owner would have liked to have the rights out to sea, too. However, this was not included in the contract and so anyone is allowed to fish in the tidal area below the bridge.
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The banks where you can fish are easy to access and are convenient for casting in all possible wind directions. It is therefore inevitable that the Pedro is sometimes well frequented. Especially when ideal conditions prevail, such as when the tide level is high.
Normally, and unless a smacking seal is trying to compete with us for the fish, you can observe how the sea trout come in groups from the open sea and get closer and closer to the culverts (pipes under the paved road). At this point, their approach to the freshwater area usually comes to an end, as the necessary precipitation is missing for an ascent. Some anglers then specifically catch a lot of fish in a pool below the bridge.
That’s too easy – isn’t it?
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