Fly Fishing on the Falkland Islands
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The San Carlos is one of the longer rivers on the Falkland Islands and has it source in the famous Wickham Heights.
As a winding water, it flows many kilometres to the north until it takes a turn west into the idyllic Port San Carlos Bay.
A long stretch of the river bed is influenced by the tidal currents in its mouth area. A popular fishing spot due to its easy access is just before the North Camp Road fork.
You can easily park at a bridge and only need to go a few steps to the water.
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San Carlos

Fishing permits must be obtained from the landowner before entering.
For some anglers, this stretch of water is synonymous with the best fishing area in the Falkland Islands.
The reason might be that THE record fish of the past decades was caught in the San Carlos River.
In March 1992 the wife (always these women ...) of an army member hooked a sea trout of – believe it or not – 22 pounds. She must have had a very nice husband, otherwise this female record in a male-dominated sphere would have gone unmentioned. And she probably could never have imagined that she would go down in history as one of the most famous women of the Falklands - next to a notorious English politician - if only in fishing literature. However, she must have been a bit flattened by her catch (and probably this one-hit wonder), otherwise she would have released this icon of a sea trout back into the water.
There is only one thing to say with all due respect: Congratulations on this big catch!
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You should take a lot of time on the San Carlos and don't be too lazy to go on a small hiking tour of several kilometres along its banks. It is not uncommon for the river to have very little water and the angler increases his chances of a good catch by heading for and fishing in the various pools. These can sometimes be several kilometers apart.
If the excursion is not as successful as the willing angler had hoped, just being in this untouched natural wilderness or maybe seeing a Johnny rook (the Falkland caracara) in tow hoping for a fishy goody, is reward enough.
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